Alchemy and Self-Cultivation: Balancing All of You!

with Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy

Do you ask yourself: Isn’t there more to life than this? If so, Alchemy is for you.

“The Stages of Alchemy have changed my life completely. Alchemy is an evolutionary process. It asks you to walk through doors fearlessly—doors that open up new worlds to you, but are difficult to explain or describe to anyone.” — Leta

The Nine Stages of Alchemy are a set of linear directions developed by the ancient Chinese Alchemists. The stages are a roadmap… telling you to go left here, right here, etc.

The Nine Stages of Alchemy are lessons in wizardry—becoming a wizard of your own life. The Nine Stages are a set of treatments, exercises, and meditations that describe different states of mind or lessons to learn so that you can master your own life. Think of the wizard Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. He was very powerful, but he was on his own journey. He was gray, and then he evolved and turned white. He was on a path of evolution, even as a wizard. The Nine Stages of Alchemy are about becoming more and more realized, awake, and aware in your own life so that you can stop being a little boat tossed at sea and become the captain of that little boat with a rudder and a powerful on-board engine.

Many people ask how to start down the alchemical road of authenticity, happiness, creativity, and self-love.

The number one struggle we have in this modern world is BALANCE. How do we balance all the aspects of our lives: family, work, children, love… leaving for last the most important… SELF. Without our own SELF-cultivation, the rest of our lives suffer.

This workshop is an introduction to the Nine Stages of Alchemy and how to begin a journey of your own Alchemical self-cultivation using the ancient wisdom of the Chinese Alchemists.

We will begin this workshop with an explanation of the history of Alchemy and in particular a discussion of the Nine Stages. We will then go through each stage and develop an understanding of what they are about, using exercises to understand them for ourselves.

Our objective is to give you a launching pad for your own self-cultivation and a discovery process for what your deepest desires in life are and how to achieve them.


This workshop will help you develop a strategy to resolve your challenges in your outer life, so you can have enough peace in your life to work on your inner life. In particular we will give you a framework within to work

We create a safe, non-judgmental environment for all learners. All questions are valid questions, and we embark on a quest of self-learning together.

Walk your road on your own terms. If you are ready to really take the time to work on yourself, then this one-of-a-kind workshop is for you. Join us for this exciting day.

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