The Five Elements

What are the Five Elements?
What if you could simply watch someone walking towards you, and just by how they move, you could immediately know many things about them?The Chinese believe that we are born with an elemental type that is a theme in our lives.There are Five energeies in the Universe. We have all Five Elements within us. However, one element is the guiding force in our life, from birth to death. That Element, the Chinese believe, is our curriculum and directs us to many life lessons. It signifies our greatest gifts and our deepest struggles.

We are energetic beings. We are powered by some invisible force, which is like electricity that makes us talk, walk, move, etc.The way that the beings of this planet move through time and space are explained by Elemental Energies. Each of the Five Elements describes an Elemental Energetic type:Wood moves out and back, a thrusting motion, like a plant bursting through the ground in Spring and then putting out leaves, and then thrusting up againFire moves up and down, like the flames of a fireEarth moves circularly, reaching out and enveloping with caring, like the smell of bread surrounding youMetal moves upward for a tiny bit and then falls away, like a leaf being lifted for a moment by an air current and then slowly falling to the groundWater moves forward like the forever-running, unstoppable river making its way home to the oceanEach being on the planet (humans, animals, and plants alike) has all Five Element energetics present within them. However, the Chinese healers of ages old believed there is one predominant Element that from birth to death is the greatest influence on how each of us moves through life. It is your curriculum or lessons of life. It determines your greatest gifts and biggest struggles.

Five Element Treatments
Five Element Chinese Medicine was the brain-child of J.R. Worsley. He created a system of medicine based on the philosophy of the Five Elements and how they manifest in human beings.A Five Element Treatment focuses on getting to the core essence of you and your true nature. Often life forces us to overdevelop parts of ourselves that isn’t really our true nature. Perhaps we had parents who were energetically very different than we were. Or we believe society doesn’t like our way of being.The Chinese believe it’s important to get support for being who we truly are. Once you understand your energetic nature, and you are given permission to truly be you, you can start to really live your true potential.A Five Element treatment will use the energy meridian system to vibrational train your body/mind/spirit to be you…be more you…yes, more you…In other words, through a healing session, your whole body/mind/spirit gets support to manifest your destiny (not the destiny of your parents/boss/partner etc.). It’s about embracing you and walking your own Dao.

Why Learn about the Five Elements?
The benefits of understanding the Five Elements include:Understanding your greatest gifts and what you truly want in lifeRealizing your full potentialImproving relationshipsEncouraging your children to truly be themselves (not just a copy of you)Developing the ability to connect with clients in your business based on their energetics

Five Element Workshops
You can learn about the Five Elements, discover your own Elemental Energetic type, and study how to improve your relationship dynamics in Five Element classes. For more information, see Workshops.