Success Stories
Leta Herman’s Alchemy Healing Center is proud to serve our local community. Many clients also come from all over New England and around the world. Thank you to everyone!About Leta Herman’s Alchemy Healing Center…

–posted on LinkedIn by Alan Harty
“Leta is a great person first of all! Leta helped me tremendously. She helped me to get off of high B/P medicine. She is very knowledgeable and wicked smart yet she is so personable and does not talk down to anyone. One of the nicest and sweetest people I’ve ever met!”

–posted on LinkedIn by Jessica Payne
“Leta is an outstanding practitioner. She is able to diagnose and treat complex physical, emotional, spiritual issues through both short and long term measures. She draws from a range of treatment modalities to address individual concerns and is creative, engaging, positive, and life affirming in her approach. She is a great resource for adults and very effective in treating children of all ages, particularly those experiencing complex physical and psychological issues that are typically treated through medication. Can’t recommend her enough!”

–Sarah Salem
“I am so grateful for my experience working with Raili, and would absolutely recommend her to friends and family seeking care. I went to see her for chronic digestive distress that I had been experiencing for a number of years. Over the course of several treatments my digestive functioning improved tremendously. I believe a huge factor in my healing process was Raili’s ability to effectively treat emotional and spiritual imbalances. My appointments with her were opportunities for self-cultivation, as well as times of physical balancing. My overall experience working with Raili was hugely life-affirming, healing, and inspiring. “

–posted on LinkedIn by Mona Shiber
“I so appreciate the work I have received from Leta Herman. When working with her, both as practitioner and also as teacher, I experienced great joy and creativity emanating from her very being. She also shares her knowledge base as I receive care. I then learn about my personal ‘tendencies’ towards particular elements and work accordingly. If needed, I ask for ‘homework’ so I can work with awareness when not in her care. I highly recommend and value what Leta has to offer. As she continues to expand her continued education, we benefit and grow as she grows.Thank You Leta!!”

–posted on LinkedIn by Lisa Jakubowski
“I went to school for four years for energy work and during that time I experienced a lot of different types of healing from amazing people. Leta is one of the most beautiful souls I have met and makes you feel completely comfortable. I did her long session I think it was three hours. She plays random music during your session and for me, the music really spoke to me. At points I cried and other I laughed, in the end I felt lighter. When you go for your follow up she gives you a disk of some of the music. Even now I often listen to it and it continues to provide healing. If you want to heal and are willing Leta is just the person. I have recommended her too many individuals and I have seen their amazing results. Before I moved to AZ I was taking some of her classes that’s how much I believed in her work. I have to admit I whish she lived in AZ. Take the Risk, Go See Her it’s Worth It.”

–Michelle in Easthampton, MA
“I have been seeing Raili for complications relating to Crohn’s disease (joint and abdominal pain, nausea, weakness, lack of appetite, anemia, etc.) for over a year, and every appointment provides comfort and relief. She is knowledgeable, professional, intuitive, and caring. She takes her time deciding which treatments would be best for me, as I’m a novice in the world of Eastern medicine, and even recommends things for me to do at home to relieve my symptoms. She’s the best!”

–Julia Frankel, Integrative Coach, CoeurAlign, LLC
“Leta’s exceptional blend of processes, wisdom, and expertise have been instrumental in guiding me through specific healing crises  as well as up leveling my radiant health and wellbeing and expansion of consciousness.I was working weekly with Leta on an alchemical process which requires 6 stages.  I came in one day having had a horrible reaction to poison ivy.  She asked if I’d like her to work on my poison ivy.  Having no idea she could address this, I was thrilled and of course said yes.  In the past, I would have  to take weeks of steroids which make me quite sick, creating 3 to 4 weeks of  healing time. She performed a simple process and the next day I awoke with no inflammation and no itching.  I was amazed knowing I was at the end of the cycle instead of the beginning.  The entire cycle of my poison ivy was 4 days rather than weeks of misery and side affects of steroid.After that experience, I would go to Leta for any physical process I was going through as well as the profound clearing and alchemical processes she offers.  I unconditionally recommend Leta for all of your health and wellbeing needs on all levels and highly recommend you begin with the Ghost Points clearing.  I found this a wonderful launching point for my work with her.Beyond Leta’s intelligence and  humor is her strong  intuition and loving heart which enables her to see the truth and envision the most creative  possibilities for her clients.  Leta is a gift to those who are fortunate enough to make contact with her.  I look forward to an on-going relationship!”

–Rosie Pearson, Reiki Teacher
“I have been a client of Raili’s for the past two months and have received many healing benefits from the Luo Channel treatment protocol. I was referred to Raili by one of the center’s other practitioners because of my concerns about the many spider veins in both of my ankles. I learned that these veins are areas of stuck or stagnant blood that prevent the release of a variety of unexpressed emotions. Without a release, these unexpressed emotions can lead to patterns of ill health throughout the body. By using the Luo Channel protocols, Raili determines the particular spider veins that need to be opened during each treatment session so that the emotions can come to the surface and be released, leading to improved health.”My experience has been a very positive one. In my case, after each treatment, I have had dreams and daytime experiences that I have been able to clearly connect with situations in my life that had contributed to a build-up of fear, anxiety, and frustration. Thanks to the Luo treatments, these emotional experiences have risen to a more conscious level from which I can more completely let them go, and I have noticed the difference. There is also physical evidence of the clearing of the stagnant blood as the area around my ankles has become less purple.Because each client presents a different pattern of emotional stagnation that might appear in other parts of the body, the Luo Channel treatment protocol requires the practitioner to have a deep understanding of the whole process. Raili Raud demonstrates her understanding through her skillful application of the protocol and with the insights that she shares during the appointments. As I continue with this treatment, I know that I am in good hands.”

–Michal Goldstein
“Raili Raud is a gifted Chinese medicine practitioner, whom I have learned to greatly rely on to complement my health care.  She is very personable, gentle, calm and easy to communicate with while also highly skilled and confident in her work.  Raili has been helping me with a range of needs, from increasing my energy and improving my body’s strength to boosting immunity to learning to identify and attend early to minor symptoms.  Many people rely on me being well and working long hours in my professional life, and I can rely on Raili to keep me healthy and strong.  During cold and flu season when I have been around people who are sick, and I feel I might be getting sick, I make sure to get a treatment from her so I can stay healthy.  Raili’s knowledge of herbal medicine has also been very helpful for me, and I look forward to my meetings with her.”

–posted on LinkedIn by Patrice Malloy
“Leta is a talented healer. She is dedicated to her healing profession and a skilled practitioner. I would highly recommend her.”

–Joy in South Hadley , MA
“I have been treated by Raili for quite some time and have recommended her to family and friends. Raili never thinks my questions are silly and impresses upon me to mention even the slightest change or new condition as it probably is relevant to my care. I began going to the office for frequent migraines and joint pain and my need for prescription drugs is next to nothing now. I highly recommend the Alchemy Healing Center.”

–posted on LinkedIn by Maureen Hogan
“Leta is an exceptionally intuitive healer and she is results driven. I left every single treatment session feeling better and better. Leta radiates warmth and compassion. I would highly recommend Leta to anyone who is looking for acupressure treatments.”

–posted on LinkedIn by Rosie Pearson
“Leta Herman has many years of experience in her areas of healing expertise. As a long time client and colleague, I highly recommend her as a Chinese Five Element practitioner.”

–Diane Martel
” Raili has a gift for listening to her patients and helping them using chinese medicine heal. Here are some of my personal experiences.  I started working with Raili in March of 2018. I came out her after 2+ months of a severe infection treated with antibiotics by western medicine. Through her knowledge of herbs and Moxa treatments we successfully cured the infection. Today, I am completely healed and require no further treatment. It is amazing to me that Raili using classic acupuncture-no needles can help us heal so quickly. I also worked with her on ghost points and the first levels of alchemy healing not only my body but my soul.”

–Client who suffered with severe PTSD
“I’ve often written in my journal that ‘my heart hurts so much, the pain is physical.’ Now that pain is lifted. Completely lifted!  My cholesterol count dropped from 225 to 161, which my doctor told me is unprecedented in so short a time. I consider that small potatoes compared to the emotional healing that I have experienced.”

–Client who suffered with severe PTSD
“I’ve often written in my journal that ‘my heart hurts so much, the pain is physical.’ Now that pain is lifted. Completely lifted!  My cholesterol count dropped from 225 to 161, which my doctor told me is unprecedented in so short a time. I consider that small potatoes compared to the emotional healing that I have experienced.”

–Student who suffered with Crohn’s Disease
“Since I have been seeing Leta, I have not missed a day of school. She has helped me to find balance, perspective and inexplicable joy in my present experience. Thanks to Leta’s influence, I am in love with life!”

–Client Gratitude
“Words can never express my gratitude to you and the treatment I received on Saturday. My partner says that I am back and that’s exactly how I feel…I feel as though I have returned to myself. Thank you so much for such a remarkable and awe-inspiring experience.”