Dragon Moxibustion Treatments

Dragon Moxa is a treatment on your back where we burn special moxa on top of ground organic ginger. The organic ginger is excellent for helping the heat penetrate deep into the body while clearing dampness out of the body.

This is a superior treatment for energizing and recharging your energic “batteries” in general, BUT it is excellent for anyone who:

  • is always cold

  • suffers from back pain (chronic, injury or acute)

  • suffers from depression (chronic or newer)

  • has stress (low level or extreme)

  • has difficult digestion (stomach issues)

  • has gynecological issues

  • and much, much  more! 

While Dragon Moxa is appropriate in the Winter to help combat the cold, we use Dragon Moxa in the Harvest Season (this time of year) especially to treat some specific illnesses and then throughout the year depending on the person.

This is an ancient treatment but in modern times, practitioners use Dragon Moxa to treat rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosis spondylitis, chronic hepatitis, asthma, lung diseases, stubborn pain, chronic fatigue, as well as overall health promotion.

There has been a lot of research in recent years on the effects of Moxa treatments, especially in Japan and China. The research points to moxa being helpful for the immune system and the fluid systems of the body, the nervous and endocrine systems, keeping blood pressure regulated, aiding the circulatory system (including white blood cell and platelet functions). It can also help the stomach digest and absorb nutrients, help the respiratory functions, and the reproductive system. It can reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and promote circulation. Of course we ALREADY knew how AMAZING moxa is!

After treatments, clients tell us they do not want the treatment to end!  As the heat from the moxa slowly penetrates deep into the body, the whole body sinks into a deep relaxing state. In fact, it is so deeply relaxing and grounding that we recommend after the treatment, you take it slow and easy for the rest of the day!  You will continue to feel the warmth in your body for hours after the treatment.