Books by Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy
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Healing Anxiety: A Tibetan Medicine Guide to Healing Anxiety, Stress and PTSD

By Dr. Mary Friedman RyanThe First Comprehensive Book on Healing Anxiety with Tibetan MedicineIn this extraordinary book, you will discover how Tibetan Medicine can conquer anxiety. Millions of people suffer from anxiety and depression every year. When anxiety and stress take over, Tibetan Medicine offers tools to treat these conditions with outstanding results. Here, for the first time, Dr. Mary Ryan clearly illustrates the benefits of this ancient healing practice.

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The BIG “Little” Gua Sha Book: Learning and Loving the Ancient Healing Art of Gua Sha

By Leta Herman and Jaye McElroyAncient Healing for Modern TimesGua Sha has been used all over the world for thousands of years to relieve aches and pains, reduce stress and tight muscles, and even to ward off the almighty common cold! This ancient technique of scraping or releasing tension and toxic energy through the surface of the skin, is simple yet effective! 

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Connecting Your Circle: Learn how The Five Elements can help you be a more authentic you.

By Leta Herman and Jaye McElroyDiscover Your ElementsThis informative new book on the Five Elements can help you understand your true nature and exactly how your Elements stack up. We also take a look at some of the top celebrities, politicians, and athletes to see what Elements they are.

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The Energy of Love: Applying the Five Elements to Turn Attraction into True Connection

by Leta Herman and Jaye McElroyTurn Attraction into a Long-Lasting, True RelationshipWith the power of the Five Elements, discover what you truly want in a relationship, find a lover who matches you energetically, and make your relationship longer-lasting and romantically charged. By learning the Elemental Energy types of you and your partner, you can build a true connection without unrealistic expectations.

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