The Nine Stages of Alchemy

The Nine Stage of Alchemy take you on a journey of self-cultivation with the goal of helping you truly fly in your life and live your full potential.

“The Nine Stages of Alchemy are a set of linear directions developed by the ancient Chinese Alchemists. The stages are a set of directions… telling you to go left here, right here, etc. I learned them from Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest, and then practiced them on myself and with others for many years in my clinic.

I like to think of the Nine Stages as a spiritual evolution roadmap to a destination with specific directions that say… “Turn right here. Turn left here.” It’s not the only way to get to the destination, but it works. It’s a proven way to get there. The ancient Chinese Alchemists put out all the signposts for us, so why not follow those signs instead of create our own? Buddha created his own path. And that’s fine. It’s not easy or everyone would have done it by now. But if Buddha did it, anyone can theoretically do it that way.

Me? I like the signposts. I like a little linearity. “First do this. Then next do this. Third do this.” These steps can be done in any order theoretically, but in this particular order, everything goes very smoothly.

The Stages of Alchemy have changed my life completely. It’s hard to explain without describing the whole process, but it’s an evolutionary process. It asks you to walk through doors fearlessly—doors that open up new worlds to you, but are difficult to explain or describe to anyone.”                   



Alchemy can mean many things to many different people. But the Chinese Daoist masters believed that people are like gold—that their spirits can never tarnish and disintegrate like other base metals, such as silver. Even though most people believe we all will eventually grow old, decrepit, and die, these Chinese masters believed humans could become physically immortal!

We generally recommend the 9 stages of Alchemy treatments in the following situations:
  • When you want to put yourself first in your life but life feels like it’s getting in the way
  • When you want to enter the mystery of life
  • When life is going really well but you feel like there has to be something more to life
  • When you want to really fly in your life and realize your full potential
  • Sometimes alchemy is appropriate near the end of life or in cases of severe illness

The Alchemical Stages take you on a journey of self-discovery, a transformative process, opening your portals to see and experience the world differently, so that you don’t need to die and be reborn to experience the innocence of a child. They include:

  • Stages 1-3 – Clear out the baggage of this lifetime and anything you brought into this life (genetics, past-lives, etc.) Release rebellious qi so that you can stop fighting for your heart’s desire and start allowing it to be easy.
  • Stages 4-6—Change your perceptions so you can fly in your life. Metaphorically, flying is about really living your full potential. The Immortals were purported to actually fly from mountain to mountain in China.
  •  Stages 7-9 –Retreat from the world. Overcome time and space. These stages are for those who are ready to remove themselves from everyday life.

The Alchemical Stages do not have time-based schedules. It is simply entering into the mystery and walking that road. It could take months, a year, or lifetimes. We are in dialogue about where you are in the process. And the process is simply a map of a path that was created by Chinese masters long ago. It may be a path you follow exactly, or you may create your own path.