Ongoing Wellness

Healing in modern day society is focused on getting rid of symptoms as quickly as possible. The Alchemy Healing Center is focused cultivating your true potential while healing the source of the problem, whether it is emotional or physical.

The Alchemy Healing Center is based on the theories of:

  • Classical Chinese Medicine, which developed over thousands of years in China, and it not the same as Traditional Chinese Medicine which was created by the Communists when they resurrected Chinese Medicine in the 1950s,
  • Five Element Chinese Medicine, which was promoted in the West by J.R. Worsley in the United Kingdom and focuses on treating a person’s core energetic constitution to promote healing
  • Taoist Alchemy, which is the pursuit of self-cultivation by releasing the baggage of this lifetime and removing a person’s obstacles to personal evolution so they can truly fly in their lives.

Ongoing Wellness Treatments can help you maintain your overall health throughout the years. Ongoing treatment can help with all types of illness and support positive wellness for you and your family. They use a combination of all three approaches used at The Alchemy Healing Center to help clients in terms of their health and overall emotional balance through the years.

Ongoing Wellness Treatments are typically one-hour Acupuncture or Energetic Acupressure sessions that use many of the following techniques or approaches: