Ma Dan Yang’s Starry Sky Treatment

 Clears the effects of long-term emotional trauma.


Ma Dan Yang created the 12 Starry Sky Points Treatment to better align a person who is out of alignment. The metaphor here is that you must be aligned with the constellation of the Big Dipper. He believed this treatment was the root treatment of all diseases. It especially clears a lot of emotional trauma from the chest.

This treatment is excellent to do when there is a lot of emotional trauma in the past history. We usually consider it after a Thirteen Ghost Points Treatment.


4-6 hour Sessions:

A Ma Dan Yang Starry Sky Point treatment takes 4-6 hours and is typically done in one session. These are not just points we rush through. We take the time that is needed to reestablish your true nature and true qi in each of the areas. You cannot expect something that has been really blocked for a long time to move out in an hour. The result of the treatment is a sense of coming back to your old self and feeling free to be your authentic self.

The session is an incredible time-out-of-life for your healing. It is life altering on a deep subtle level, though the results are sometimes anything but subtle. Many have been amazed that the time passes so quickly. Music is a required component to the session as a vibrational guide to the energy work. The music is selected at random from an iPod containing 20,000 songs of all genres, and a CD of important songs is provided at the follow-up session. Here is what one client had to say about the music:

“I’m amazed by the music that emerged during our session. Some of it carried substantial implications when coupled with your wise words and insight throughout the course of the session. It’s incredible how many of the songs have significant relevance to my personal history while others served to remind me of my core being, who I am, who I strive to be, and conversely, the person I will not allow myself to become.”

What to Bring: Bring any food you’d like to eat during the time. We will take bathroom/eating breaks as necessary. If you believe any personal objects would be helpful to have in the room, you can bring them, but you are not obliged to in any way.

Follow-Up: The next day or soon after, you will return for a One-Hour session that will be focused on strengthening your true qi.