Ling Shu Alchemy Treatments

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Ling Shu Alchemy Treatments are half-day, life-transforming treatments. Each treatment has a different purpose and has long-term positive effects. 

The Thirteen Ghost Points Treatment

Clears trauma and removes the hooks that are stuck in you that can cause obsessive thinking and unwanted cellular patterns.

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The 9 Heart Pains

For addictions and a life-long sense of loneliness and isolation.

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Internal Heart Block Treatment

Clears a major internal heart block that prevents you from being accessible to yourself and the world.

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Will Block Treatment

When you are truly stuck and cannot move forward in your life, the Will Block treatment will remove the barriers to progress in your life.

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Ma Da Yang’s Starry Sky Treatment

Clears the effects of long-term emotional trauma.

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Grieving Treatment

Helps a person move through the blocks that can arise after a love one dies.

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