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Alchemical Life Strategy Sessions

Alchemy is about really flying in your life, and living your full potential. What we've found over the years is that our treatments will help you to fly, but coaching sessions will teach you how to use your new found wings. Often clients will get in a really good place but they won't have the strategies of how to live their life in ways that work for them. This is where coaching or Alchemical Life Strategy can allow you to find self acceptance and thrive in your Career, Relationships, Health, Wealth, and more.

Five Element Discovery Sessions


What is a Five Element Discovery Session?
A Five Element discovery session allows us to begin the diagnostic process of learning your energetic "stack-up". These sessions typically begin with an open dialogue of how you're moving through life right now, how you've moved through life in the past, and what that might suggest about your authentic energetic makeup.

We suggest that you do two things in order to prepare for a first session:
  • Submit a video of yourself walking to facilitate the discovery process, as your top three elements are often apparent in your walk! 
  • ​Familiarize yourself with the Five Elements first. It's important to come into a session with some understanding on what the Five Elements are, and some grasp of what element or elements seem to resonate with you. If you would like information on the Five Elements we have multiple options for you HERE.
There is no guarantee that we will come to a conclusion on any of your elements after one session. Although we can use certain tools to help discover your authentic stack-up, in some people it can be more challenging. Coping strategies, as well as familial and societal norms/pressures can all effect how we've learned to move through the world. The Five Element discovery process is one of slowly peeling back these layers to reveal your true self. For some this can be recognized within a first session, and for others it can take many sessions over the course of months. 

This process is also one of self-learning and self-understanding. Ultimately, we cannot tell you your elements, that is only for you to truly know. We believe that no-one can tell you who you are or who you should be. At it's core the Five Elements is an art form for finding self-acceptance. Because of this, it can take a high level of introspection and desire to learn the Five Elements on your own to come to an elemental conclusion that feels deeply correct. In short, for you to recognize your elemental stack-up you must first recognize your authentic self. Our intention is to guide you through that process.
Alchemical Life Strategy Sessions


What is an Alchemical Life Strategy Session?
An Alchemical Life Strategy session is recommended for those who want to go deep into the Five Elements, Nine Palaces, and Alchemy in their own lives. These sessions are powerful, insightful, and transformational in multiple ways. We often call it a years worth of therapy in one day. 

Ranging from 3-5 hours, we are able to take into account the whole person in a way that 1 hour sessions lack. This consolidated time together creates a narrative that is woven completely uninterrupted, leading to the core challenges that are holding us back. Addressing the root causes of our suffering, which are often unknown to us, is where years of inner work can be condensed into hours. 
We recommend that anyone taking this session have an idea of their primary element, or at least have some background on the Five Elements. If you would like information on the Five Elements we have multiple options for you HERE.

The Nine Palaces are used as a backbone to these sessions, which include:
  • Knowledge/Career
  • ​Relationships
  • ​Health
  • ​Abundance/Wealth
  • ​Home
  • ​Creativity/Children
  • ​Travel
  • ​Wisdom
  • ​Prosperity
It should be noted that these sessions can lead anywhere, and the intuitive flow of this work can often trace to uncomfortable or difficult places. It is important to be ready and willing to dive into a session of this nature.

Length: 3-4 Hours - All Rights Reserved