Leta Herman

Boost Your Yin! 🥶

by Colette Legarrigues, L.Ac., MSOM, Dipl. O.M. Winter is the most yin time of year. Yin is the energy that condenses and contracts inward, like something gestating, so that in the Spring, the energy can burst forth and become Yang again. Late December and January in particular are the darkest, […]

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When I’m 49 (read 64 for men)!

Age 49 is the most important year for women in Chinese Medicine. Women mature in 7 year cycles, and 49 is 7 x 7! Men, on the other hand, mature in 8 year cycles. It makes sense doesn’t it? Think of a 14 year-old girl vs. a 16 year-old boy. […]

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Radio Interview on Intuition and Chinese Medicine

Intuitive Ink Podcast Interview This interview with Servet Hasan for a podcast called Intuitive Ink is a wonderful conversation about Chinese alchemy and how intuition works according to Chinese philosophy. We also end up talking about the different kinds of psychic abilities and what aspects of the “spirit” it comes […]

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Why Chinese Medicine is Amazing for Arthritis

In order to understand why Chinese Medicine can help heal arthritis, it’s important to first understand the theory of why arthritis happens in the first place. This is a very simplified version for this blog post. I could write about this all day. Chinese Medicine theory believes that our bodies […]

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The New Alchemy Healing Center Blog

Hello and Welcome to our New Blog… I’m Leta Herman. I’ve had a blog at my site: I will be republishing some of those topics here plus many new posts about Alchemy and Chinese Medicine. Stay tuned! And do sign up for our mailing list to get news about […]

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