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Healing in modern day society is focused on getting rid of symptoms as quickly as possible. The Alchemy Healing Center is focused on cultivating your true potential while healing the source of the problem, whether it is emotional or physical.

The Alchemy Healing Center is Based on the Theories of:

“I have had a vision for many years now of a healing center that is focused on living your full potential in life. In Chinese Medicine, every illness is considered a choice between ‘potential’ or ‘pathology.’ In my practice, I’ve helped people from around the world turn their ‘problems’ or ‘illnesses’ into their greatest gifts and assets. I often assure people that ‘Your greatest gifts can be your worst nightmares. But once you understand yourself and your authentic nature, you can accept your gifts, move into perfect health, and realize your dreams."

- Leta Herman

About Us

The Alchemists of Chinese Medicine believe humans are like gold and the process of alchemy as a personal spiritual growth path is the transformation into your full potential and perfect health. Life sometimes causes us to deviate from ourselves and our path. Alchemy helps you find your way back to your True Qi. The Alchemy Healing Center is about discovering your true path in life, removing the illusion of obstacles you think are preventing you from that path (we’re often more in our own way than we know!), and stepping in the footsteps of our destiny along that path. Everyone starts in a different place, and there is no right way to walk it… just YOUR way! This is what we call self-cultivation, which can include healing an illness or making big changes in your life situation.

The Alchemy Healing Center takes a whole body/whole spirit approach to healing. Even modern science is beginning to understand that the body is not just a mechanical thing. True healing requires a loving presence, understanding, and the ability to hold a vision of an individual’s perfect health. Many people over the years have come to us with a specific problem or health concern, perhaps it was elbow pain or an auto-immune illness. We think of these problems as gifts that prompted that person to step into a healing space to promote their overall growth. We’ve seen many people completely transform because of what they had perceived as holding them back in life. Alchemy, as conceived by the ancient Chinese Alchemists, represents transformation and transmutation (which is just really fast transformation). In fact the idea that base metal can be turned to gold is transmutation.

So, Alchemy is the fast road to change. True transformation is a process of releasing the baggage you carry from living life, breaking negative habits of being and experiencing, and opening your portals to see and experience life new and fresh. If you have any questions about our work here at The Alchemy Healing center, please reach out and connect. We would love to start a conversation with you about your own personal journey.

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