Releasing Fullness

Occasionally when we have a lot of resistance in our bodies or our bodies are too tired to do everything they need to do, things can begin to accumulate. The stomach, for example, can accumulate too much fluid and food can start to ferment in there and cause Candida/yeast to grow. Or maybe you body is responding to some sort of infection and heating up to kill the bacteria present, causing a number of other negative symptoms to occur. Or even, on a very simple level, you could have slept by a window and a cold breeze may have caused your neck to be stiff.

These are all cases where you have a “fullness.” There is something in your body that is in excess, and you need to release or “disperse” that energy to return back to balance.

Dispersing is the Chinese Medicine term for releasing stuck energy, heat, or fluids that have accumulated in the body. While the majority of people have the opposite problem (they are tired and need to nourish and build their energy), when a person has energy fullness, it is usually responsible for more acute and painful problems.

Dispersing is often extremely imperative for a person to start to feel better. Western Medicine has its own way of calming down some of these issues, for example, in the taking of antibiotics for an infection. Antibiotics cool the system down so that the heat in the body is reduced. This in terms make the person inhospitable for the bacteria. This is a wonderful method for healing many things, however, they don’t always work. Chinese Medicine methods for doing the same thing can sometimes work in cases of antibiotic resistance. In one case, a woman was in the hospital on four days of intravenous antibiotics that had no effect on her infection. One treatment of Chinese Medicine cleared it up in less than 12 hours.

Such is the power of dispersing. Taking energy out of a system that has too much aggravation in it is a huge relief on the system. Everything can then normalize.

Dispersing is a key component to Ongoing Wellness Treatments because maintaining a balance of energy in the body is essential to your health.